New contemporary youth ensemble

New ensemble
New ensemble

A new contemporary pop chorus

Join Pop Vox, Penrith Conservatorium's new contemporary pop chorus. It's an opportunity to sing alongside other talented upcoming vocalists in this new series of professional classes for 13- to 19-year-olds.

Sing arrangements of popular favourites, and work together with your peers and vocal professionals to create your own sounds in an ensemble. Penrith Conservatorium invites both young male and female artists to join.

Pop Vox will focus on pop/semi-classical music styles with a crossover into other popular genres as directed by the tutor. The ensemble will explore an array of works from contemporary artists, re-arranged, mashed up and delivered back to audiences with a high level of vocal artistry.

Students will develop and explore a mixture of solo and ensemble work with harmonies and blending, as well as create unique sounds with the voice with acapella training.

Pop Vox classes will begin on Thursday, May 16, and run weekly for one-and-a-half hours over an eight-week term.

Entry to Pop Vox is via audition. Students who have had a minimum six to 12 months vocal tuition experience or 20 hours of formal one-on-one lessons will need to submit one or two videos of two contrasting songs in the pop genre, unaccompanied, to

The classes will be on Thursdays 4:15pm-5:45pm at The Joan in Penrith. Cost: $179 per term. Teaching artist will be Clare Richards.