Fundraising campaign for this year's Winter Magic

Parade participants in 2017
Parade participants in 2017

Winter Magic has turned to crowd funding to help pay its way.

Burdened with costs associated with traffic and risk management and other safety issues, the committee has been forced to take its campaign online.

President, Naomi Parry, said the committee had spent more than a year jumping through regulatory hoops - not the fun kind, she added - to figure out how to revive the festival.

"And despite the odds, we have. We're launching it again on June 22 and it looks solid," she said.

But funding is another matter.

"Winter Magic is free and outdoors and it's impossible to cordon off, so we can't charge people to enter and, in any case, that is not what we are about," Ms Parry said.

"We apply for every state and federal government grant we possibly can, and we're waiting to hear about some, but we need cash now.

"We are scraping the bottom of the barrel financially. Hence the fundraising campaign."

Ms Parry said all the funds raised will go directly to the artists and performers.

"It will enable us to continue Winter Magic now, and into the future.

"Donations don't have to be big, but every dollar will help," she said.

The campaign is at It closes on June 3.