Ethel Turner features in Blume Illustrated

Australian author Ethel Turner's great grandson will be the special guest at the launch of the third issue of Blume Illustrated on May 30.

Matthew Curlewis will travel from the Netherlands to share his knowledge of, and love for, his famous great-grandmother's work at the launch of the annual Blue Mountains independent arts magazine.

Turner is famed for her writing, particularly the iconic children's book Seven Little Australians, published in 1894. It is celebrated as one of the only books by an Australian author that has been in continuous reprint for over 100 years.

Curlewis's article for Blume Illustrated delves into the mystery of the "missing pages": a four-page episode omitted soon after the fifth edition in 1896, and only rediscovered and reprinted in the book in 1994.

Curlewis, a copy and screenwriter, found that Turner was actually censored because the passage in her story was at odds with British empire-building in the colonies.

Blume's creative director, Faye Wilson, said: "We're very excited that this issue features our first international contribution - and for it to be about one of Australia's most iconic children's book authors, Ethel Turner, and written by her great-grandson, is a special boon."

The third issue of Blume Illustrated is themed "Cutting Art Down to Size", and features a collection of art, illustration, poetry and writing by established and up-and-coming creatives from the Blue Mountains and western Sydney areas - and now beyond Australian borders.

It will also show the work of the first three mentees of the inaugural Blume/WestWords mentorship program: Annabel Pettit, Patrick Alan Doyle and Tessa Bunton.

"Issue three of Blume Illustrated has surpassed our expectations," said Wilson. "It is thrilling - and humbling - to realise how many world-class illustrators, writers, designers and thinkers make the Blue Mountains their home, and are happy and willing to participate in a project such as Blume."

The magazine is free, with all profits going to support the creation, print and widening distribution of the magazine.

Tohby Riddle, award-winning Australian writer, illustrator, cartoonist and designer, will be the guest speaker at the launch.

Blume Illustrated will be distributing 15,000 free full-colour magazines in print nationally through 26 Eckersley's Art & Craft stores around Australia and a network of locations nationally and locally.

The launch is on Thursday, May 30 from 6pm at the Baroque Room at the Carrington Hotel Tickets at