Painted pregnant bellies bear message for the future

Two mothers-to-be have taken a novel approach to generating awareness about climate change and the destruction of the environment.

Kyra-Lee Hansen from Katoomba and Erika Watson from Hartley, had their pregnant bellies painted by artist Jennifer Roberts on May 13 with colourful images of plants and animals and the words: "decisions today ... affect tomorrow."

The pair are part of the Blue Mountains Stop Adani group. Ms Hansen, who is 37 weeks pregnant, said the painting took all day, and she hopes photos taken of their painted baby bumps will be entered in various competitions to spread more awareness of environmental issues.

Ms Hansen, who has been involved in the School Strike 4 Climate action, said a party's climate change policy would affect how she voted in the federal election on May 18.

While appreciative of federal Macquarie Labor MP Susan Templeman's support of their Stop Adani campaign, Ms Hansen said the ALP's climate change policy was "conservative." "It's definitely a step closer than the current government [policy]," she said.

Ms Hansen said she would like a future for her child with "the opportunities that I have been blessed with - to travel, see the Great Barrier Reef and see the bush, and education opportunities in the career that you want. Beautiful clean water and forest that has not been destroyed by pollution."

The painting was also a fun way to celebrate life and the future, Ms Hansen said.

They believe the Blue Mountains is not just beautiful, but a wonderful place for raising open-minded and resilient kids.