Blue Mountains Musical Society brings back the '80s with The Wedding Singer

Blue Mountains Musical Society is set to relive the 1980s with their totally radical romantic comedy, The Wedding Singer.

Based on the 1998 movie of the same name, the stage musical will feature music, fashion and fun reminiscent of the vibrant decade.

Blue Mountains Musical Society is bringing The Wedding Singer to the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub in Springwood from May 18 to June 2.

Blue Mountains Musical Society is bringing The Wedding Singer to the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub in Springwood from May 18 to June 2.

It was a period of personal growth for some of the show's stellar cast members. Featured ensemble member, Edge Gutierrez, was a teenager during the 1980s. After obtaining his driver's licence in 1987 he could be spotted cruising through the streets sporting well gelled hair, neon clothes, and moccasins. His glovebox cassette collection included the likes of Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. "The freedom of driving by myself whilst blasting The Reflex on my car stereo was da bomb!" he said.

Gutierrez's affinity with the bold decade inspired him to audition for his first ever musical. The Blue Mountains Musical Society newcomer finds himself "soaking up positive energy, and knowledge in each rehearsal". Gutierrez promises the production will be a "celebration of love and life, both the young and old can enjoy".

Ensemble member, Luci Camilleri, also lived her teenage years through the eighties. Memories of permed hair, and the fluoro WHAM! clothing explosion prompted her to audition for the show filled with friendship, romance, hope and humour.

Enthusiasm for the eighties also drew lifelong Blue Mountains resident, Lisa Mare, to the production. Mare, who will portray the cheeky Grandma Rosie, first joined the society in 1999. She eagerly anticipates the return of eighties fashion for The Wedding Singer, remembering her own leg warmers, and voluminous hair, which was assisted by the occasional regrettable perm.

Mare cites the society's remarkable reputation, and fresh production team as reasons to see The Wedding Singer. Director, Elle Zattera, and musical director, Joshua Ransom, provide the production with years of experience. Mare has also been impressed witnessing the cast execute the intricate, energetic choreography of Craig Nhobbs, which pays homage to classic eighties dance moves.

The Wedding Singer won't be Leisel Solomon's first time performing eighties dance moves onstage. One of her fondest memories of the decade was a primary school dance performance to Mickey by Toni Basil, and Milkshake by The Village People. Solomon also brings a wealth of professional stage experience to the cast. The ensemble member's back up singing has seen her perform in venues such as The Entertainment Centre, The Hordern Pavilion, and even on tour around Europe. She has also sung backing vocals on Australian television, and for established country musician, Jayne Denham.

Sentimental childhood memories of the eighties inspired Andre Monardo to audition for the show. The primary school teacher recalls an obsession with his cousin's Commodore 64, dancing to Salt-N-Pepa's Push It in front of his year six class, and playing outside until dark. "I lived next to the Lappo, and there was a block down the road where my friends and I built a BMX track. We'd ride our bikes pretending to be like Nicole Kidman and her gang in BMX Bandits."

The featured ensemble member is delighted to relive the excitement of the eighties onstage, but is happy to leave his short shorts and at-home bowl haircut by mum in the past.

Fellow featured ensemble member and primary school teacher, Kelly Cox, is thrilled to bring the dynamic eighties dance style to the stage. "I'm excited for some classic eighties dance moves, like the robot and the running man, because you can't help but have fun when you're doing them."

The Warimoo resident and mother enjoys reliving the eighties in a "welcoming and supportive" rehearsal space. Cox is keen for audiences to be "swept up in great tributes to eighties fashion and dance. The high energy entertainment includes loads of laugh-out-loud moments, and songs to bop along to."

Catch The Wedding Singer cast bringing the flashy moves, fashion fads, and epic sounds of the eighties to the Blue Mountains Theatre and Community Hub from May 18 to June 2. For more information and to purchase tickets visit or call 4723 5050.