Ready for lift off at train stations

Glenbrook and Hazelbrook railway stations are just 12 months away from having fully accessible train stations at a total cost of $26.3 million.

In goes the lift shaft and walkway: Hazelbrook station upgrade in process in May.

In goes the lift shaft and walkway: Hazelbrook station upgrade in process in May.

Last month, both stations installed pits, life shafts and landings and a Transport for NSW spokeswoman told the Gazette the projects are on track to finish by the middle of 2020. The recent works were completed over the track maintenance weekend of May 25-26.

"Works are continuing to upgrade Glenbrook and Hazelbrook Stations to provide improved accessibility for our less mobile customers," the spokeswoman said.

"We are pleased with the progress achieved ... with the installation of lift shafts and landings at both stations."

The project team is using scheduled trackwork weekends to complete major work. The next trackwork weekend will be September 7-8.

The spokeswoman said over the next six months, upgrade work at Hazelbrook and Glenbrook stations will include installation of lifts, station building work, footpath modifications, re-grading of platforms, station power supply upgrade and testing and commissioning of lifts.

"These activities will be carried out during standard work hours and during Sydney Trains planned trackwork weekends," she said.

The proposed lift work at Hazelbrook will also include a family accessible restroom, two accessible parking spaces, upgrades to pedestrian walkways, improved signage and CCTV. The total cost for the Hazelbrook station is $13.2 million.

In Glenbrook commuters will get the lift, as well as a new accessible kiss-and-ride area on Burfitt Parade, new ambulant and family bathrooms and upgrades to CCTV and lighting. Glenbrook station's upgrade is expected to cost $13.1 million.

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