Erin Clare impresses critics with performance in American Psycho - The Musical

Former Hazelbrook resident, Erin Clare, has been winning rave reviews for her performance in the Australian production of American Psycho - The Musical.

Clare plays Courtney Lawrence, the best friend of lead character Patrick Bateman's fiancee Evelyn, in the adaptation of the 1991 Brett Easton Ellis novel.

In a five-star review for the Guardian, Nadine von Cohen singled out Clare "as Bateman's ongoing fling, Courtney Lawrence, who steals many scenes with what we'll call her sensual vapidity".

Cassie Tongue for Time Out also marked the former Blue Mountains Musical Society performer for praise.

"Special mention must be made of Erin Clare, who turns a role riddled with clichés - the recognisable 'ditz' - into something that's much closer to high art," she wrote.


Writing for Australian Stage, Jack Teiwes also highlighted Clare's performance: "Erin Clare shines as Bateman's mistress Courtney, but perhaps moreso in her succession of background roles as random ravishing airheads, club girls and socialites, her comic timing and outrageous miming skills make her perhaps the stealth MVP of the cast, when it comes to nailing the comic tone."

Broadway World was also won over by the supporting peformance: "Erin Clare's fabulous comic timing and ability to deliver a sultry seduction with a comedic twist is on show again as Evelyn's best friend Courtney."

Daily Review credited all of the female cast, including Clare, for making their characters "funny, fierce and entirely individual". While Sydney Morning Herald critic John Shand praised the entire cast of 11 as "exceptional" in his four-star review.

American Psycho - The Musical's season at The Hayes Theatre, Potts Point finishes on June 9. Tickets on sale from