Leura author Julie Jones second Moorland Forensics book a hit with UK readers

Julie Jones' second crime mystery novel is out and the interviews are rolling in.

Leura author Julie Jones has released her second book in the Moorland Forensics series and it's proving popular in the UK.

Leura author Julie Jones has released her second book in the Moorland Forensics series and it's proving popular in the UK.

BBC Radio, Talk Radio Europe in Spain, The Voice North Devon and multiple magazines, just to name a few.

It seems the UK can't get enough of her crime fighting siblings.

This week the Leura author embarks on a three-week tour of England, with interviews and functions lined up most days.

Moorland Forensics: Devil's Realm follows three siblings who run a forensic business working alongside local law enforcement, and are investigating the death of a father, whose young son died at the same location five years earlier. The siblings uncover a painting, which mysteriously prophesied their deaths.

"I'm getting a lot more adventurous as a writer. I'm incorporating a lot more of their personal lives [of the siblings] into the books," Jones said.

"There's a lot more conflict between the siblings - a tug of war on what they want business-wise and personally."

She says her characters feel like friends she knows well.

And there'll be more to come. Jones has finished the third book in the series and has started to write the fourth, with ideas for a fifth.

She would like the BBC to turn her books into a TV series, and while in England, she hopes to meet with a BBC representative who worked on the historical period drama Poldark.

Jones sees Moorland Forensics as a "Doc Martin meets Silent Witness."

Raised in Devon, England, she has drawn upon experiences and places she visited during her childhood, and says crime mystery doesn't need to have too much blood and guts.

Her background as a registered nurse, and the knowledge of her forensic scientist husband Terry, who has worked with the federal police narcotics unit, is integral to her writing.

For the fourth book she's been doing a lot of research on the IRA, and Terry's knowledge has been critical in setting the scene for bomb explosions.

"We talk about how much carnage I want. We have to work out the logistics of it, so they're hurt, but so they can still talk to police."

Jones hadn't anticipated how much readers would enjoy the series.

"I'm so lucky it's been received so well, and people are asking when the third and fourth ones are coming out. This one has been more pressure and the expectation to deliver a lot more interviews. Writing the first one, it was 'just a little book and we'll see how it goes,'" she said.

"I'm loving writing, it's not a chore for me. If I wasn't doing other things, it would take me three months to write a book."

Moorland Forensics: Devil's Realm is published by Austin Macauley Publishers in London, and there are plans to market the book in the US next year.


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