Gnocchi masterclass with MKR contestants at St Thomas Aquinas

Hundreds of little hands were hard at work in the kitchen forming the dough, ready for a big pot of boiling water.

Students at St Thomas Aquinas Primary learned how to make gnocchi "just as Nonna would", in a masterclass on June 28 with My Kitchen Rules contestants Monique Fitzgerald, Luciano Ippoliti and Martino Convertino.

The two Italians from Sydney, and Ms Fitzgerald, a Mt Druitt police officer from Yellow Rock with kids at St Thomas Aquinas, were in season 7 of the popular reality TV cooking show. Ms Fitzgerald and fellow cop Sarah Moore were eliminated round four, and the Italians made the top 12.

"It [MKR] was a once in a lifetime experience," Ms Fitzgerald said. "I love the friendships I have made from it and the people I have met."

The trio were at the school for Pasta Day, which forms part of the students' understanding of Italian food and culture. From kindergarten to year 6, the students also learn to speak Italian.

"Many kids have gone to Italy and use some of the language over there and help their parents out," said principal Serge Rosato.

He blind tasted several samples of gnocchi prepared by students and the MKR contestants, declaring the students' contribution the winner.

"It's the tastiest, fluffiest and juiciest, and reminded me of my grandmother's hometown," he said.

Mr Rosato's parents immigrated to Australia in the 1950s. He'll be visiting his grandmother's hometown of Lanciano in September and enjoying catching up with family at a week-long feast. "I have a great fondness for Italy and the language," Mr Rosato said.

Mr Convertino was hoping the masterclass would inspire the students to get into the kitchen.

"We want to show them how easy it is to make their own, simple food. It's not complicated," he said.

"As long as you use the right ingredients and it's made with love," chimed in Mr Ippoliti. "Nonna told us it's about the love."

Ms Fitzgerald hoped the young apprentices might use their newfound skills at home.

"I'm hoping they go home and they show their parents how easy it is," she said.

"It's been fun making gnocchi," said student Peter Hogan.

"I make pasta with my dad," said student Lizzie Mulhall. "I really want to go to Italy to see the leaning tower of Pisa."

The 160 year 3 and 4 students used the industrial kitchens at St Columba's Catholic College to prepare the gnocchi, assisted by food technology students.