Deer spotted at North Beach in Wollongong

It's official - feral deer have the run of the city.

At least three deer were spotted at North Beach in Wollongong early Thursday morning - two of them stuck on a rock platform near the pools, and one going for a jog along towards Puckeys.

Readers sent in these pictures of wild deer helping themselves to an early morning constitutional on Thursday.

Other witnesses reported two larger bucks stuck on a rock shelf. They swam further out to sea after people tried to help them.

It comes after their brethren were spotted in a residential street at Port Kembla last week, Warrawong the following day, and on the Northern Distributor (Memorial Drive) before that.

Video courtesy of Emma Magill

Can we agree that this is the point where we can say the deer problem is beyond a joke?

Wollongong City Council, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Local Land Services, take note - whatever you're doing to control feral deer is not working.

If it's not enough to keep roaming bucks off a major city's most famous and popular beach, then is anywhere safe?

Video courtesy of James Andriske