Plan of management to be prepared for Blaxland War Memorial Park

Mayor Mark Greenhill at the memorial honouring Private Harold Campbell, at Blaxland War Memorial Park.
Mayor Mark Greenhill at the memorial honouring Private Harold Campbell, at Blaxland War Memorial Park.

Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill has declared his support for the reopening Blaxland War Memorial Park, while urging the state government to fix highway access to the one-hectare site.

Council has been appointed Crown Land Manager of the park - situated between the Great Western Highway and Railway Parade - and will prepare a plan of management for the park over the next two years.

"It has been my view for a decade that the park should be reopened and that remains my view," said Cr Greenhill.

"Council did not close the park. It was closed due to the state government road works.


"Sadly, the state government controls the highway and we have not been able to make any changes at the park without their support. They have not given it.

"But now that council has been appointed Crown Land Manager of the park, we will be able to prepare a Plan of Management for the site which will cover future uses.

"We would still need the state government to support a safe access way off the Great Western Highway. I hope they agree."

State Upper House Liberal MP Shayne Mallard said the government is pleased that the "reforms it implemented to the Crown Lands Act has now given the Blue Mountains Council the certainly needed in managing public land under its care for the greater community benefit".

Mr Mallard offered to work with the council to resolve any issues relating to safe access from the Great Western Highway and has sought information from Roads and Maritime Services as part of the new integrated transport cluster.

A group of Blaxland residents, including former Blue Mountains mayor Peter O'Toole, recently reignited a campaign to have the 95-year-old park reopened.

Mr O'Toole welcomed the development, albeit with a note of caution.

"Residents should welcome the decision of the mayor to support a park at Blaxland but should note a similar undertaking seven years ago," he said.

"Since that time access to the park has been sealed, the historic shelter sheds removed and destroyed for no reason, and the park allowed to rot.

"Blaxland War Memorial Park is Crown Land under council control as is Glenbrook Park, Knapsack Park, Whitton Park and Ardill Park at Warrimoo; all of which now require a new plan of management.

"Yet council has not chosen to degrade those parks to a state of total neglect."