Crashes down in Lapstone thanks to Safer Roads program

Blue Mountains Ward 4 Cr Brendan Christie says council's black spot Safer Roads Program is having a very positive impact in a dangerous corner of his electorate, where no accidents have been registered since 2014.

"The most recent crash data [as of September 2018], since these works have carried out is zero, nil, none," Cr Christie said of the roadworks program on Explorers Road in Lapstone.

"In 2014 we installed raised medians, signs, linemarking guide posts and W-beam barrier, designed to reduce off-carriageway crashes, particularly heading eastward. Thanks to funding from the Safer Roads Program, five years on and this infrastructure continues to prevent accidents."

Transport for NSW data showed that between 2005-2010 there were nine crashes on this section of road. Each time an ambulance attended the crash.

The information was revealed as part of the 2019/20 Safer Roads Program and the 2018/19 Pedestrian Safety Program.

Graham George, a Lapstonian of 25 years standing, said the changes have removed the "corridor of death" around Explorers Road.

Mr George showed the Gazette photos of an incident before the changes were made, where a cyclist had ended up under a car that had crossed over to the wrong side of the road

"It's always had a bad camber on the bend," Mr George said. "It used to be a 60 km/hr zone and there was heaps of carnage, then it dropped to 50 ... they still hit the guard rail, but basically it keeps them on the road."

As part of the Safer Roads program, council is sent an initial cluster analysis from Transport for NSW that provides an indication of potential locations based on the type and number of crashes. Council then conducts more detailed analysis to determine common crash types in locations and targeted treatments.

Blue Mountains Mayor Mark Greenhill said: "Initially some people were unconvinced when the council unanimously determined to do this work. Some were concerned that the changes may make the road more difficult.

"We stuck to our guns and made our determination based on the evidence of experts. Time has shown that this was the right approach."

The latest round of safer roads program funding has included upgrades for the intersection of Glenbrook Road and Levy Street (valued at $150,000), where a roundabout is expected to be installed.