Mingle with Chloe the super-composter at Leura Garage

Leura Garage now offers free composting and a low carbon footprint with every meal since the arrival of 'Chloe', the restaurant's new super composter.

Leura Garage owner, James Howarth, inspects Chloe, the super composter.

Leura Garage owner, James Howarth, inspects Chloe, the super composter.

Chloe is the next step in owner James Howarth's personal war on waste and marks the start of his goal to make Leura the first village in Australia to eliminate all restaurant food waste from landfill.

The composter, officially known as aRapid Food Decomposing Unit,will sit centre stage at an upcoming networking Mingle to be held at the restaurant on August 7.

Chloe will operate live, churning through organic material while waste-management experts answer questions for industry figures interested in getting involved.

"Leura Garage constantly strives to find systems, processes and equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and be environmentally conscious and friendly," said Mr Howarth.

"With the arrival of Chloe, the restaurant can turn all its organic food waste into nutrient rich soil conditioner and reduce landfill to nil, bringing us one step closer to 'closing the loop' and making dining more sustainable while encouraging our local industry to get on board too."

As well as being part of the eco solution, there are financial benefits: Leura Garage's sustainable business practices save the restaurant over $10,000 in utilities annually. With Chloe taking the driver's seat on organic-waste management, Leura Garage hopes to set a new standard for both the village and the region.

Local Greens councillor Brent Hoare, who will attend the Mingle, says: "Reducing waste from the commercial sector remains an ongoing challenge for council, so the innovative approach adopted by the Leura Garage deserves recognition and sets a standard for other businesses to follow. It would be great to see similar facilities being used in every village across the Mountains."

Chloe uses new cutting-edge microbial technology to reduce waste volumes from 90 per cent in 24 hours, creating a nutrient-rich and reusable end product. The compost is pasteurised in the machine and after rest time the product will be used on local community gardens.

The restaurant wants to show local industry a way forward by sharing knowledge and information about its 'eco garage' initiatives and by inviting stakeholders to come and see the super composter in action.

To launch the 'war on waste' Leura chapter, James and business consultant Luca Postiglione are holding a waste-management education and networking event for its August Mingle. The event will showcase Chloe and feature industry speakers from Cool Planet, the Environmental Protection Agency and Closed Loop.

The event focus is on sharing best waste practices to local industry and will be the first of many devoted to spreading knowledge and encouraging all Blue Mountains villages to work together for the goal of eliminating all restaurant food waste from landfill. If you are a local food outlet and passionate about sustainability initiatives.

The event is on Wednesday, August 7. To register attendance, visit the events page at www.leuragarage.com.au/mingle.