Bungarribee at the Boilerhouse



Music group Bungarribee returns to The Boilerhouse in Medlow Bath on August 17. The quartet specialises in a unique blend of jazz, folk and classical music. Boasting several of Australia's pre-eminent musicians and featuring an exotic mix of instruments, Bungarribee performs original compositions alongside fresh improvisations on music by iconic composers such as Bartok, Ligeti and Bach.

Bungarribee is led by the highly respected pianist, accordionist and composer, Gary Daley. Best known for performing with elite Australian jazz bands such as The catholics, Daley also appears in the smash hit ABC TV kids music series, Lah Lah's Musical Adventures. Other members are Paul Cutlan, reeds, Ollie Miller, cello and electronics, and internationally regarded percussionist, Tunji Beier.

Collectively these four musicians have performed, recorded and toured internationally with countless groups including The Australian Art Orchestra, Mara!, The catholics, The NOISE, DVA, the SSO, Australian Brandenberg Orchestra, to name just a few.

By bringing them and this unusual combination of instruments together, Daley creates a mesmerising form of chamber music where classical meets jazz, and rhythms inspired by Southern India.

On Saturday August 17 at The Boiler House, Hydro Majestic, 8pm. Tickets $35 at eventbrite bungarribee or call Chris on 0411 954 826