Mt Victoria artist creates mural for Katoomba Hospital

The new community dialysis centre at Blue Mountains Hospital in Katoomba features a huge wall mural by Mount Victoria artist Ian Brown.

Mr Brown was commissioned to develop a photographic artwork that would "create an immersive calming space of unexpected beauty". It was a big challenge, because the wall is nearly 24 metres long, divided into three treatment spaces and punctuated by windows.

"We decided that it would need to be a composite image, creating three slightly different but interesting settings for the patients who visit the centre three times a week for up to four hours at a time," said Mr Brown.

He worked with local designer/artist team Ian Charles and Marianne Walsh to develop the artwork from his own nature photographs.

"I have always found mist in the forest of the higher mountains to be very enfolding and peaceful, and luckily the art consultants and health professionals agreed," said Mr Brown.

"More and more research is showing that both art and nature can help with people's healing and wellbeing.

"So we combined quiet forest scenes with ecologically correct flora and fauna, some not immediately obvious, to add interest and intrigue. Local photographer and artist Amy Davis helped with some bird photographs."

"The installed artwork celebrates the flourishing bushland of the Blue Mountains and I hope is both contemplative and joyful for patients and staff," said Mr Brown.