Winter wonderland as snow falls in Blue Mountains

It came right on cue. For days the weather boffins had predicted snow would fall in the Mountains on Friday night and they were spot on.

By Saturday morning, the streets from Wentworth Falls to Mt Vic had turned white.

The trains were full and traffic lined the Great Western Highway as tourists flocked in to have their own winter experience.

Cafes and restaurants reported a roaring trade.

Toboggans became the must-have accessory as every slope in every village park became a playground.

Snowmen proliferated and snowball fights sprang up all over.

Some Upper Mountains towns recorded falls of up to eight centimetres on Saturday. A lighter fall came on Sunday morning, the first time in many years there have been consecutive days of snow.

Temperatures hovered around freezing for much of the weekend, with the apparent temperature (taking wind chill factor into account) plummeting to minus 10 degrees at 7pm on Saturday, and wind gusts of nearly 80 km/h were recorded at the Mt Boyce weather station near Blackheath.

Saturday's maximum was 1.8 degrees. The forecast for the next week is for temperatures between 13 and 15 degrees and mostly sunny conditions.