Alleged spitter to face court

A 26-year-old Annandale man who allegedly spat on a Springwood anti-abortion campaigner earlier this month will appear in court for the offence.

The cyclist is alleged to have spat on NSW Christian Democratic Party candidate for the Blue Mountains Cameron Phillips while Mr Phillips was campaigning outside NSW Parliament House on August 15.

The spitting incident was captured on dashcam footage by a passing car on Macquarie Street and aired on the Radio 2GB website.

"I was there for four hours and I was given a lot of encouragement and a lot of people ignored me," Mr Phillips said of the incident.

"I know just down the road someone was stabbed so I was on guard. There were seconds of not knowing what was going on, I felt a lot of stuff on my face. It was a bit of a stunning experience and it was unexpected."

He said he had faced "similar situations in Springwood during the yes/no [marriage equality] campaign" when campaigning in the town square against the issue.

The cyclist has been charged with offensive conduct, Chief Inspector Paul Dunstan told the Gazette. With Mr Phillips' statement, police will now lay a further charge of assault.The cyclist will appear in Downing Centre court on September 18.

Mr Philips said he was "protesting on Macquarie Street against the conception to birth abortion laws where you can legally kill a child two minutes before birth, but kill that same child a moment after birth and you will face murder charges and 20 years in prison.".

A member of Alive @ 5 from Springwood Presbyterian Church, he added: "Did you know that Trish Doyle has co-sponsored this Abortion Bill that permits these late term abortions until birth, and voted down an amendment to prohibit sex-selection abortions?"

Mr Phillips has his own colourful history with the law.

In 2017 an apprehended violence order was taken out against Mr Phillips by the police "on behalf of Trish Doyle's whole office during the marriage equality referendum" a Doyle staff member, Tom Harris-Brassil,said. Mr Phillips stood against Labor's Doyle in the March 2019 state election.

"He was forbidden from coming within 25 metres of our building," Mr Harris-Brassil said. "I was present when he vandalised our front window, entered our building and refused to leave, shouted abuse at me across the counter and then began destroying material inside our front foyer during the marriage equality referendum," Mr Harris-Brassilsaid.

The AVO had not been renewed once the referendum finished.

Mr Philips said his actions at Ms Doyle's office had stemmed from frustration - his pamphlets were not on display unlike one for the 'yes' vote.

"If you're the member you're the member for all the village not just half of it."

Ms Doyle said Mr Phillips was "entitled to his views and I am sorry to hear he is the victim of a politically motivated assault, but just as Mr Phillips stood against the vast majority of Australians who support marriage equality, he now stands against more than 70 per cent of NSW residents who support the removal of a simple medical procedure from the criminal code and the treatment of abortion as a health matter for a woman and her doctor".

She also noted "96.4 per cent of Mountains residents recently chose not to vote for Mr Phillips or the views he represents".

Ms Doyle said she was "proud to have co-sponsored the Reproductive Health Care Reform Bill"

"The scare tactics and misinformation being peddled by far-right religious conservatives have no basis in fact or reality".

The Bill to decriminalise abortion is still being debated in the Upper House.