Dear Dad help me reach $10 million

Actor Samuel Johnson is close to reaching his $10 million dollar target for cancer research and when he gets there he can thank one Upper Mountains broadcaster for his help.

Journalist and radio announcer Nick Bennett has contributed a letter to his dad in a heartfelt book edited by Mr Johnson called Dear Dad.

"I got a surprise email inviting me to write a letter starting with Dear Dad," Mr Bennett said.

"Ultimately, it came from actor Samuel Johnson who totally smashed it with his gold Logie winning performance of Molly Meldrum.

"Samuel is also deeply committed to cancer research and was gearing up to publish another fundraising book.

"Safe to say, most of us know someone who's either beaten it or been beaten by it, so my answer was immediately, yes."

Mr Bennett's Mum "kicked cancer twice but thankfully, my Dad didn't have to wrestle with it".

"Dad lived a short and fascinating life and the chance to write about him through the eyes of an adult was a story that I wanted to share," he said.

Samuel Johnson is known to many Australians.

He rode his unicycle around Australia to draw attention to his "long searched for" 10 million dollars for cancer research seven years ago, following his beloved sister Connie's death from breast cancer.

Johnson was raised by a single Dad and told ABC radio recently: "I wanted to just tip my lid to my Dad on the way to my ten million".

The $22.99 book includes a host of prominent Australians' letters to their Dads. Letters from Steve Waugh, Trent Dalton, Kathy Lette, John Williamson, John Paul Young, Kurt Fearnley and Samuel Johnson himself, just to name a few.

The book encourages people to tell their dads what they are most grateful for "before that proverbial bus comes", Mr Johnson said.

Mr Johnson's own Dad encouraged him to have a curious mind - it followed a day when he complained about being bored and his Dad quickly suggested he write down a number of free activities to do, then set about doing it.

Not all of the Dads featured are perfect Dads. Catherine Deveny's account of her father is brutal, and Nick Bennett's own father's issues with alcohol are also examined.

"Parts of it were uncomfortable but so be it," Mr Bennett said.

"Love was at the foundation of it all. At the same time, along with a whole bunch of other brave people, I was eager to word-up and help Samuel tip his fundraising over the $10 million mark."

The book is available in local bookstores.

To contribute to the loveyoursister charity go to:

Mr Johnson has said he is very close to reaching the target.

Fathers Day is Sunday September 1.