Phoenix Choir soars in performance of Mozart's Requiem

Phoenix Choir: Mozart's Requiem played to a full house in Blackheath.

Phoenix Choir: Mozart's Requiem played to a full house in Blackheath.

The recent performance of Mozart's Requiem by the Phoenix Choir and a 25-member orchestra of local musicians delighted a packed house at the Blackheath Community Hall earlier this month.

It was a truly superb performance.

The choir and four solo singers shared the stage with the orchestra and conductor Rowen Fox guided the combined forces clearly, decisively and with great sensitivity.

The four soloists were very convincing in their respective parts and their ensemble passages were nicely blended, particularly so in the Sanctus.

Baritone Timothy Nunn stood out as the most accomplished of the four with a wonderful focus and centre to his voice.

The choir has never sounded better, both ensemble and intonation were faultless and there was energy and sensitivity when called for.

The sopranos' challenging highest notes were beyond reproach, and the visual presentation was stunning.

The orchestra played valiantly, but were hampered by the unsympathetic and dry acoustics of the hall which made it difficult for individual players to hear themselves. Some of the instrumental solos sounded tentative, for this reason.

The greatest credit goes to conductor Fox for his dedication, skill and musicianship in bringing life to this final work and masterpiece of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.