SES rescue baby possum in Lapstone

A baby possum struggled in the strong winds on August 21 and 22, falling from a tree in Lapstone on Thursday.

Blue Mountains SES volunteers were called to near the Lapstone netball courts, where the RSPCA had found a baby ring tail possum had fallen from the tree.

"They needed assistance to have the joey placed back up into the tree near the mother. After our volunteers had removed themselves from the area, it was noticed the mother collected the joey and took it back to the drey," said Blue Mountains SES commander John Hughes.

"A happy outcome as we reunited that family after a windy day."

The Blue Mountains SES responded to 10 callouts over August 21-22, with winds peaking at 98km/hr at Blackheath in the early hours of Thursday morning.

"There's been no rain so everything stands pretty firm. If there had been heavy rain [with the winds] it would be a different story," Mr Hughes said.