Call for bus shelter by retirement village at East Blaxland

Elderly residents from a retirement village in East Blaxland say a bus shelter outside their home would make a world of difference to their lives.

"A number of us use the buses, and when it rains it's very awkward and in hot weather it's also very awkward," said 92-year-old Bellbird Court resident Peter Kidd.

Blue Mountains Council installed a bus seat on Rusden Road by the aged housing villas in 2012, after Mr Kidd and his wife Helen, lobbied mayor Mark Greenhill.

While the couple appreciates the bus seat, despite it facing the houses not the street, they say a bus shelter would be better.

Cr Greenhill had asked council to consider installing a bus shelter, but a report that came back to council at its August 27 meeting did not support a bus shelter due to issues around "driver sight-lines, pedestrian accessibility and property amenity."

The report also found there weren't the funds available to build a shelter, estimated to cost $40,000 - $60,000 but it could be considered in 2021-2025 planning.

Cr Greenhill said this wasn't good enough.

"I was disappointed with the response. We can be imaginative. We can look at a smaller shelter that fits there or we can move it a few metres from the front of the houses and closer to the entrance of the villas in Rusden Road," he said.

"I have moved that the staff of council look again and I am asking for us to be creative and find a solution."

The council report said the seat was installed facing away from the road to minimise the risk of people rising from the seat and falling on to the nearby road.