Find out more about cancer on Radio Blue Mountains

Bronwen Johnston - General Manager Cancer Wellness Support

Bronwen Johnston - General Manager Cancer Wellness Support

Cancer clients in the Blue Mountains will learn more about the help and support available to them as a result of a new alliance and partnership between Cancer Wellness Support and Radio Blue Mountains.

The partnership will draw on the strengths of both community-based Blue Mountains organisations to engage with the local community and, through RBM programs, educate, inform and highlight the work being done to help cancer clients and their families throughout our region.

Radio Blue Mountains is a not-for-profit community broadcaster. Since 1985, RBM has provided a distinctive voice for the diverse communities that call the Blue Mountains home. Each week, more than 40 local presenters present a wide range of programs focused on community news and views as well as national and global current affairs.

Cancer Wellness Support Incorporated is a non-profit, non-denominational charitable organisation established by Robyn Yates 13 years ago to assist those experiencing cancer in the Blue Mountains and Penrith Valley communities. CWS is supported by their op shops in Katoomba and Penrith, as well as many volunteers in our community.

Bronwen Johnston, general manager of CWS said: "CWS provides more than 6,000 services per year to our clients. We are committed to helping cancer clients and their families retain their sense of control and balance through innovative, integrated and holistic therapies and education."

She said the new alliance will strengthen the CWS reach into the Blue Mountains community, allowing for cross promotion and a leveraging of resources to better educate and inform the Blue Mountains of the wonderful community work being done by RBM and CWS.

Julie Ankers, president of Radio Blue Mountains, said: "Our first collaboration will be on Saturday, September 14, when RBM will broadcast live from the annual Sunshine Me day at the CWS Wellness Centre in Leura. The Sunshine Me day brings together people on a cancer journey, it lifts their spirits, and it's a day of therapies, group activities and togetherness to improve health and wellbeing.

"Our outside broadcast coverage means if people can't attend the event, they can still listen in on 89.1 FM and through our interviews learn more about what the CWS offers cancer clients."

During the year, RBM presenters on air will discuss with CWS staff, therapists and collaborators the work that Cancer Wellness Support does, upcoming events and the work of the CWS op shops.

RBM will also cover a number of events organised by CWS - all to ensure that cancer clients in the Blue Mountains are kept informed about the help and support they can receive through CWS.