Hundreds attend climate strike in Springwood

From young to old, they came in their hundreds to Springwood on September 20 as part of global climate strike action.

By 11am there was a crowd of at least 600 (crowd estimates varied from 500-1000) at Buckland Park, waving placards and applauding a range of speakers, including organisers Macquarie Electorate Student Climate Activists.

Arliah Varnel from the group, and a Katoomba High School captain, told the crowd they wanted: no new coal or gas projects, including the Adani mine; 100 per cent renewable energy generation and exports by 2030, and the funding of a transition for fossil-fuel workers and communities, including the creation of jobs.

Winmalee High student Adisen Wright urged the crowd not to lose hope and to keep fighting.

"Keep fighting for climate change action. Don't give up on the dreams of the future, the dreams of the future world I have seen," he said.

Federal Macquarie MP Susan Templeman reminded the crowd what protest can achieve.

"Look at history - in the 60s this sort of action ended a war, so maintain the rage," she said.

Springwood Public student Lily Joyner attended the rally because she was concerned about the future.

"Our future means a lot to us and we have to make sure the government understands that at the moment not much is being done about that," she said.

"I want the government to declare a climate emergency and reduce fossil fuel emissions, reduce plastic consumption, and use renewables, not burn coal."


School students from the Hawkesbury also attended the rally, including Charlie McMillan and Alana Thurgood from Colo High.

"Something needs to be said," Charlie said. "We want to see the shutting down of more coal-fired power stations and introducing more renewable energy."

And the crowd chanted: "Climate change isn't fiction, don't accept mass extinction."

The global School Strike for Climate rallies are inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg. The movement spread to Australia late last year, and has included tens of thousands of students nationally. Thousands attended rallies held throughout Australia on September 20.