Wine and roses at Avalon's Art of Lunch

September's Art of Lunch theme for Sunday, September 29 at the Avalon Restaurant is "Wine and Roses".

The event will feature a glamorous exhibition by artist Gerlinde Thomas, who diners can meet her in person over a brief interview conversation with Art of Lunch MC, Meg Benson.

The exhibition will complemented by the emotive music by Maizy Coombes on violin and vocals.

There will be a special three-course meal inspired by the theme, creatively designed by Dylan Brookes, David Cartwright and their culinary team who have taken up the challenge of creating new dishes for Art of Lunch in earnest.

Gerlinde Thomas paints quintessential portraits of the bygone era of Jazz Age America and her exhibition will be displayed at the Avalon until October 24. Her paintings capture the ultra-female qualities of glamour and style, joie de vivre and exuberance.

Violinist and singer/songwriter, Maizy Coombes is well-known for her solo performances as well as for her role in bands such as Snail and Lime and Steel. Her influences include Regina Spektor, Andrew Bird, and Ratatat. She recently returned home from a trip to the Northern Territory after being invited to the Freedom Day Festival by Ian Morrison of Katoomba Music, to play violin parts for Mudburra Elder and singer/songwriter Raymond Dimakarri Dixon and his daughter Eleanor Nalyirri Dixon.

The Art of Lunch at the Avalon Restaurant, Katoomba will be held from 12-2pm on Sunday, September 29. For bookings or information about other Art of Lunch events until October see