Authentic Napoli pizza on the corner in Lawson

Two sisters have returned to their Blue Mountains roots with their partners to bring traditional Italian pizza to Lawson.

Wentworth Falls-raised Talulah Vane and Rosie Cintio, with their partners Paul Vane and Luca Alvano, opened the Italian restaurant Napoli Corner, Lawson, three months ago.

At the heart of the establishment is their two-tonne Italian Stefano Ferrara woodfired pizza oven, which almost broke the floor sliding it into place.

"We used a forklift and were worried it would cave the floor in ... it took all day to move," Mr Vane said.

Volcanic ashes are included in the oven, and in the super-hot temperature the pizza cooks in about a minute.

"Without the oven we wouldn't have this space. The oven is the centrepiece," Ms Cintio said.

The oven is integral to the baking process to produce the Napoli pizza prepared by Mr Alvano, who trained at a pizza school in Naples.

The Italian pizza chef says you won't find pineapple or loads of meat on his pizzas.

"The pizza base is soft not crunchy ... there's no meat lovers and no pineapple. Very simple, good ingredients - you can taste each ingredient," Mr Alvano said.

The pizza bases made from flour, water, yeast and salt, weigh precisely 270g, and are prepared 24 hours before they're baked, giving the yeast time to rise and limiting the bloating feeling after consumption.

"With good pizza you go home and you don't feel bloated. It's nice and light," Mr Alvano said.

They have a small menu, which they change regularly.

"We mix it up but it's never complicated," Mr Alvano said.

Popular options are the margherita, the crudo - tomatoes, fior di latte cheese, rocket, parma ham, parmesan and basil, and the diversa - which doesn't have a tomato base, and includes sausage, potato, rosemary and cheese.

The tomatoes used in the red sauce base are grown at the bottom of Mount Vesuvius.

"Luca is there nurturing each pizza," Ms Cintio said.

"If you're into Napoli pizza you are obsessed. You can't replicate that if your whole heart and soul isn't in it."

The quartet all agree Mr Alvano has the Napoli love of food.

"In Napoli people talk about food all day. Every family event is around food," Mr Alvano said.

"There's no McDonalds and no Chinese, it's lets go have pizza, yeah!"

The restaurant was fitted-out by the Vanes, who also own a furniture workshop in Lawson called Make Furniture and Design.

Napoli Corner, Lawson, is open from 5.30pm six nights a week and for lunch on Sundays.