Teacher joins Labor team for 2020 Blue Mountains council elections

Labor pre-selections for Ward 4 have closed with Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill unopposed to contest the next council election as head of the party's ticket.

Labor's Ward 4 team for 2020, Nyree Fisher, Mayor Mark Greenhill and Helen Clifford.

Labor's Ward 4 team for 2020, Nyree Fisher, Mayor Mark Greenhill and Helen Clifford.

Local teacher Nyree Fisher was also unopposed in second position, replacing sitting Labor councillor Darryl Bowling who had already announced he would not re-contest his council spot.

"In the next term of council I will continue to stand up for the Blue Mountains, particularly as we confront government policies that will erode our local environment and quality of life," said Cr Greenhill.

"We still don't know where the flight paths for Western Sydney Airport will be and who will have their lives impacted the most.

"We have the insane proposal by the state government to flood parts of our world heritage area to enable the overdevelopment of the flood plain. We have the constant pressure from the pro-development lobby to increase densities.We also now have the state government's plan to bring more and bigger trucks onto our highway.

"The Blue Mountains needs a council that is prepared to be the one level of government to put our special home first. I have done that. I will always do that."

Mrs Fisher said she has seen the mayor "stand up for our area constantly and I have watched his opponents throw everything at him".

"They have tried unsuccessfully for remove his council, targeted him personally for his stance against the destruction of our environment and he keeps putting our cause forward with integrity.

"I feel I have the qualities to stand with him. I am a committed conservationist and, as a local teacher, I understand the pressures families feel and the sorts of policies they need to support them," she said.

"As the mother of young children, I understand the need to have well-funded local services and I can bring that to the table at council."

Helen Clifford, for the third time, will run with the mayor. Mrs Clifford is a retired public service librarian.

"I strongly support the view that council needs to be occupied by representatives who put the Blue Mountains first and politics second," she said. "What has impressed me about Mark is that he rises above petty politics and so do I.

"If elected, I will listen to the people who live here about what matters to them and I will take their voice into the council chamber."

Formal confirmation of the pre-selection outcome will occur at the party's administrative committee meeting in December.

The local government elections will be held in September 2020.