Cricketer Ryley Smith off to Under 19s National Championships

Up and coming Glenbrook cricketer Ryley Smith takes to the field this week for the Under 17s Cricket Australia team playing in the Under 19s National Championships in Perth.

He was named in the team after a strong performance at the Under 17s National Championships in Queensland in October, where he opened the batting for NSW. They made the grand final, losing to Western Australia by one run.

"That was the most devastating cricket moment in my life," Ryley said.

The 16-year-old St Dominic's College student and former St Columba's College student, is looking forward to the competition.

"It will be a good challenge," he said.

Ryley made the Australian under 16s team last year, and is expecting even tougher competition these championships.

"The bowls will be a lot faster and more intense. I'm ready for a challenge and we've got good coaches," he said.

He's expecting the teams from all states to put up a good fight, with little between them, and anticipates fitness and staying hydrated could set the teams apart.

"We have eight games in 11 days ... it will be very tiring. Whoever manages their body the best will have the advantage over the other team," the batsman said.

The teen has also made the Cricket Australia Rookie Squad chosen by the Cricket Australia youth selection panel for the 2019/20 Pathway Rookie Program.

He'll receive extra skills training, and strength and conditioning work in Sydney.

The program offers the best young talent the opportunity to develop themselves as cricketers on the field, and as esteemed individuals off it.