Kindlehill connects to nature and the world with new science laboratory

Kindlehill School in Wentworth Falls recently opened its new science laboratory.

"The new science laboratory enables our students to more effectively explore and understand the physical world and how that relates to them," said high school science teacher, Curt Stocksiek. "This significantly adds meaning and value to their high school education"

"The cultivating of a sense of wonder and a relationship to nature and the world around us in primary school, transforms into an enquiring mind in the high school,' said Lynn Daniel, Kindlehill School principal.

"Through science the students come to understand their world, how things work and the inter-relationship of all things. They develop an ethical stance that will enable them to contribute positively to ecological and societal wellbeing in their future lives."

Kindlehill students in the new science lab.

Kindlehill students in the new science lab.

This positive environmental contribution is reflected in the school itself. Last year Kindlehill received a Low Carbon Living Gold Rating and high achievement award and the school is committed to environmental sustainability.

Where possible the school used sustainable building materials in building the science laboratory and a sustainability review was applied to all other materials used. The tables and cabinets in the laboratory were hand made by local joiner and designer, Georgina Donovan, using recycled materials.

The laboratory will accommodate class demands from years 6 through to 10 and contains equipment and chemicals to allow students to conduct a broad range of scientific inquiry.

For science teacher Curt Stocksiek the new laboratory will complement both the growth of the school and the students alike.

"Kindlehill is embarking on a new and significant journey, one similar to one we all undertake from our infancy, one of exploration and discovery - that of science," he said.

The science lab is the first building to be completed and fitted out in the school's major development plan with the arts and technology centre to be completed early in 2020.