Time to clean up gnomes for 16th Blue Mountains gnome convention

Trevor Lloyd and David Cook
Trevor Lloyd and David Cook

Lower Blue Mountains Rotary's grand gnome master David Cook has confirmed that plans are now in hand for the 16th annual Gnome Convention as part of the Australia Day event at Glenbrook Park.

Mr Cook said all the usual attractions - including the trains, planes and automobiles track running through the convention area - will be part of the staging, thanks to the wonderful support of the family owners.

"So, it's time to communicate with gnomes throughout the Blue Mountains and Penrith to ensure they are prepared - new outfits, equipment, transport, accommodation and other important arrangements," he said.

Mr Cook and his wife Carolyn work very hard with the transport and placement of gnomes each year and will be very grateful for contact from any community volunteers prepared to assist with the set up and pack up of the convention site.

One hitch is that the popular gnome 'doctor' Dave Clark will be overseas at the time of Australia Day and unable to open his clinic to renovate gnomes in need of a new outfit.

If any citizen has a gnome painting skills and would like to assist the Rotary Club, they can contact 0439 494 835 for further details.

Various gnome categories have been decided for competition:

  • Celebrity and musical gnomes
  • Sporting gnomes
  • Aussie gnomes
  • Corporate gnomes (representing local business houses)
  • Painted and decorated gnomes (open)
  • Painted and decorated gnomes (children under 12).

Very attractive prizes are always on offer for the winning gnomes.

Gnome master Trevor Lloyd and his wife Marianne will have their colourful gnome 'bargin store' up and running at the convention for those who want to give these lovable people a new home.

The 'gnome hunt' for children, conducted as a promotion with Glenbrook shops and restaurants, will be staged during the weeks prior to Australia Day.