"Unreservedly apologise" - RMS to Blackheathens

The RMS has released an apology letter which will be delivered today (December 4) to all residents of Blackheath who mistakenly received a leaflet warning their homes may be resumed for the highway upgrade.

The letter "unreservedly apologises" to the residents.

It is signed by Alistair Lunn, the director, western region of Transport for NSW (which RMS is now part of).

Mr Lunn writes: "I understand that you may have received a notice from us stating that your property may be impacted by this upgrade program.

How the Gazette broke the story of the leaflet at the centre of the apology.

How the Gazette broke the story of the leaflet at the centre of the apology.

"We unreservedly apologise for this note and the distress that it may have caused you in this regard. This was sent in error and, importantly, it does not reflect our current plans for this program.

"I wish to assure you that no decisions have been made regarding the location of the upgraded highway in your area.

"While we are considering a number of options, the final alignment of the Great Western Highway bypass of Blackheath will be co-designed with the community, alongside further survey work, technical studies and environmental assessments.

"Engagement with the Blue Mountains community to help inform the decision-making on this matter has, and will continue to be, a central principle in our planning processes.

"I also wish to emphasise that there will be multiple opportunities to have your say during this process.

"We are liaising closely with local stakeholders and are holding further community information sessions in the near future.

"Furthermore, there will be additional opportunities to comment on the proposed alignment options and the designs for the highway upgrade in your area and beyond after the end of this consultation period.

"We are taking the time to get this project right, which means that the community will be actively involved at each step in the process of designing the final alignment."

Mr Lunn said ultimately the project will have to be formally approved under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act, which will also involve community consultation.

He invites residents to contact the team at any time by email to gwhd@rms.nsw.gov.au or by phone on 1800 953 777.

He concludes: "Again, I apologise for the note that was sent to you erroneously and the concern that it caused."