Springwood Country Club lets general manager go

Greg McCallum: Told the Gazette in July 2019 he was at the Springwood Country Club for 'the long haul'.
Greg McCallum: Told the Gazette in July 2019 he was at the Springwood Country Club for 'the long haul'.

Springwood Country Club has sacked its latest general manager after just six months in the job.

Greg McCallum, a former top level rugby league referee, was appointed last July, replacing Josh Prowse, who had resigned after less than a year, citing family reasons.

But on December 27, Mr McCallum was given his marching orders and left that day.

"I was shocked," he told the Gazette. "There was no talk that there was an issue [with his performance] so I'm left to contemplate the real reason.

"In the whole time there was never any comment about my performance. I haven't done anything wrong."

Club president, Claire Murray-Fulton, has taken over the job in the short term.

She said because the turnover happened during the Christmas period, there had been no time to find another general manager.

The club will now set up a recruitment process and Ms Murray-Fulton may apply for the job.

"It could be permanent ... if I'm enjoying it."

She would not be drawn on why Mr McCallum was terminated, saying only that his six-month probation period had ended and "in the interests of the club, it was the best decision for us".

She said when Mr McCallum walked out the door, he and the club agreed to keep the reasons confidential.

Mr McCallum said he believed that the problem of dumped asbestos was "part of the issue... It's been an albatross hanging around my neck. I inherited the problem and it took my time, energy and expertise dealing with it."

Asbestos was dumped in fill at the golf course early last year.

The club, council and the Environment Protection Authority have since been in discussions about how to remove it and who should pay.

Ms Murray-Fulton said the EPA had given the club an extension of time to deal with the contaminated material. Some may be able to be processed on site while some may have to be physically removed.

"Hopefully before the end of March it will be gone."