Blue Mountains climate change singers set to 'wake up' Canberra

They made news around the world when they performed on the steps of the Sydney Opera House before Christmas; now a group of Blue Mountains climate change activists is taking their musical message to Parliament House in Canberra.

Newly renamed The Climactics, the Blue Mountains singers will join a protest organised by the People's Climate Assembly in Canberra on Sunday, February 2.

They first performed at Sydney's Central Station concourse in October before taking a stand at the Sydney Opera House on December 15. Apart from grabbing the attention of tourists, this flash mob performance garnered news coverage in the United States and Europe as well as nationally.

The choir offers people an opportunity to literally add their voice in protest against inaction on climate change, said member Alison Lockwood.

"Understanding that music has the potential to galvanise, unite and convert people, every successful movement has had a song," she said.

"The Climatics' anthem is We Need To Wake Up and it has been very successful in informing the public by catching their attention and delivering informative pamphlets to them."

Ms Lockwood said professional singers and "complete beginners" are welcome in the choir.

"We are directed by professional teachers and the rehearsal load is as light as possible so that as many people as possible can participate. We also welcome instrumentalists to accompany us."

To join the choir or more information about 'Sing for the Climate' email Alison Lockwood at