Greystanes Disability Services masterpieces on display at Norman Lindsay Gallery

There were lots of smiles on Friday afternoon as people from Greystanes Disability Services saw their artwork framed and on display in an exhibition at the Norman Lindsay Gallery.

Through Our Eyes, showing at the Faulconbridge gallery from February 28 to March 2, features work from 41 Greystanes artists who created prints based on the themes of spring and making connections.

The artists teamed up with Blue Mountains Grammar year 9 art and design students on two occasions to create their masterpieces.

"At first this experience was daunting for some of us due to differences in communication," said student Mia Underwood. "Then we guided participants hands' to create work."

Oliver Stephens said: "We built a strong connection making artworks."

"It was really nice getting to know them and interacting with different people," said student Clara Irawan.

Art and design teacher Julie Hiam, said it was great to see the relationship between students and artists develop.

"When we first started, new students were hesitant as most people had not had a close relationship with people with needs like these, and when they finished the project, see how relaxed they are with them," Ms Hiam said, observing the interactions between the two groups.

Greystanes received a grant from Blue Mountains council for the project, and thanked the National Trust, Blue Mountains Grammar and Hope Tree Framing for their support.