Sit back and enjoy the fire's flames

HANDS ON: Dusan Zubek personally installs every heater and still enjoys the challenge.

HANDS ON: Dusan Zubek personally installs every heater and still enjoys the challenge.

Wood heating is a popular and environmentally friendly heating option that is a Blue Mountains tradition.

Not only does wood heating provide more heat than gas or air conditioning, there is real comfort and atmosphere in sitting around the fireplace, watching the flames.

Dusan Zubek established Orlik Heating from humble beginnings in 2012, initially supplying and installing wood heaters from his garage and van, until his business had grown to support opening a showroom in Emu Plains in 2018.

Every heater purchased at Orlik Heating is installed by Mr Zubek, who has now installed hundreds of heaters, and still loves the challenge.

"Everything I do is about quality, from small items, such as locally made flues and hearths, to top end heaters," he said.

"I'm not in it just for the money. I really enjoy installing.

"Every house is different. Everyone has different needs. I always try and work out what will be the best heater for the home and the family. For some people, gas is the best option, if you work late and get home late. Or for people who may not have the connection to wood and prefer their heating to start with the push of a button."

Orlik Hearing has a wide range of the best wood and gas heaters available, including Australian-made as well as premium US and European heaters.

"Last year, the Australian brand Kemlan celebrated 50 years of making wood heaters in Brisbane," Mr Zubek said.

"They make top quality heaters, with great local factory back-up and 10-year warranty, with both modern and vintage designs."

Mr Zubek also makes custom hearths, from designer tiles to sandstone and granite.

"What I feel is important is that we provide great service and really good installation," he said.

"We take the time to do it well. We stay in touch with our clients and provide regular maintenance."

Mr Zubek and his wife, Zuzana, migrated to Australia from Tabor in the Czech Republic in 2001, after falling in love with Australia on a holiday.

The business name, Orlik Heating, comes from their favourite holiday place in the world: Orlik Castle in the Czech Republic.

"Orlik (literally "young eagle") is a picture-perfect centuries old chateau, situated above the serene Vltava River in a secluded canyon, one of the most beautiful secrets of Bohemia," Mr Zubek said.

Orlik Heating is at Unit 1, 2 Pullman Place, Emu Plains. Details: 4735 2845 or

Cosy and comfortable.

Cosy and comfortable.