Time to remove air conditioner mould

EXPERT HELP: Anthea and Andrew Strathdee of Lower Mountains Air Conditioning say now is a good time to get your unit serviced.

EXPERT HELP: Anthea and Andrew Strathdee of Lower Mountains Air Conditioning say now is a good time to get your unit serviced.

The recent weather has provided ideal conditions for mould to grow in your home's air conditioning system.

Experts are warning that cleaning, or a professional service, is the best way to tackle what can be a tricky problem.

Lower Mountains Air Conditioning co-owners Andrew and Anthea Strathdee say they are seeing a lot of home units with a mould problem.

"With the drought it has been so dry and so dusty, which means dirt gets into your air conditioning system," the husband and wife team said.

"Then with the humidity and rain all the trapped particles turn wet, which creates mould."

She said people aren't cleaning their filters regularly and so they don't notice anything until their machines aren't working or cooling properly.

"And that is when our technicians are finding mould."

Breathing in the mould from the air conditioning system can cause short and long-term health issues.

Mould needs moisture and heat to grow and the recent drought - followed by rain and then a burst of warm weather - have created perfect conditions for it to flourish.

Medical experts say if air conditioner filters aren't clean it can spread the mould, aggravating conditions such as allergies, asthma, lung conditions and respiratory problems.

Mrs Strathdee said regular cleaning was not only better for your family's health but also for the health of the air conditioning system.

"You are breathing in the air that the machine is pushing out so you want it to be clean," she said. "Plus if they are blocked, they are working harder and costing more money to run."

Filters should be removed and washed every month and then you should organise a deep coil clean every 12 months to a few years, depending on how much the units are used.

All systems could be affected, so Mrs Strathdee recommends keeping an eye out.

"It doesn't just go for split systems," she said.

"There are ducted systems that the same thing can happen to so try to look regularly and carefully as you might not see it straight away. If you do see mould present or think you might have it then definitely contact a technician for a coil clean."

Emu Plains-based Lower Mountains Air Conditioning has been part of the local community for more than 30 years and take pride in their many years of service.

All of their trained and qualified staff are local residents who are keen to help with all your air conditioning needs.

The display showroom is at Unit 2 / 129 Russell Street, Emu Plains. For details phone 4735 6411 or visit their website: www.Lmac.com.au.

POP IN: The new showroom in Emu Plains.

POP IN: The new showroom in Emu Plains.