Warrimoo Public School student Saskia Clarke publishes first edition of family newspaper

While the Blue Mountain Gazette is still landing on people's front lawns during the coronavirus crisis, one Warrimoo family enjoyed reading a new publication last week.

Eleven-year-old Saskia Clarke used her time in isolation to produce a newspaper for her family, titled the Goosen-Clarke Chronicle.

The paper's first edition carried front page news about her Dad's 41st birthday as well as a book review, lifestyle advice, comic strip, advertising and even an arts page (ie. a drawing by Saskia's four-year old sister, Zadie).

The Warrimoo Public School captain first considered producing her own newspaper last year after coming up with the idea with her dad, Hamish Clarke.

"It was only now in quarantine, with my 'busy schedule' somewhat quietened, I actually put it into action," she said.

Saskia commissioned her mum, Glenbrook Yoga Space instructor Rebecca Goosen, to provide a lifestyle section offering advice on how to find stillness during the coronavirus lockdown.

"I got that idea because I wanted to give everyone in the family a segment and since my mum is a yoga teacher it seemed only natural for her her to do something about keeping calm," she said. "I think people should do more things like this, because you would be surprised how many people would benefit from living in the moment."

Proving a hit with its readers, Saskia said the next edition of the Goosen-Clarke Chronicle is already in the works.

But the budding editor has plenty to keep her busy in the meantime, despite being isolated at home.

"I have mostly been doing classwork set for me by my teacher on Google Classroom, but outside of 'school hours' I do exercise in the garden, draw, paint, and read - a lot!" she said.