New exhibition at Day Gallery in Blackheath

Aphrodite and Gymea Lily by Jennifer Gabbay.

Aphrodite and Gymea Lily by Jennifer Gabbay.

Day Gallery in Blackheath will reopen its doors in June, celebrating with a month-long exhibition of works by Jennifer Gabbay.

In these days of uncertainty, Gabbay has found herself lost in inspirational reflection of historic times, forgotten icons of beauty that had many stories to tell if they could talk; and the beauty of flowers that would ornament ancient sculptures and artefacts.

The ancient Romans and Greeks believed that objects, plants, places and creatures possessed a distinct soul - a spiritual essence - which they called animism.

Gabbay's new series of paintings is inspired by this idea of animism, merging images from ancient Roman sculpture with flowers to express reverence for the ancient world. They experimented with ways of representing the human body, both as object of beauty and of meaning. The power of Greek and Roman female sculptures, combined with flowers, evokes both strength and beauty and therefore has lasting aesthetic value.

The erosion and disfigurement throughout the millennia does not diminish the beauty and resilience of these statues. By adding an embellishment of flowers Gabbay seeks to imbue this lasting beauty with added meaning.

On during June at Day Gallery, 27-29 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath. Friday 11am-4pm; weekends 10am-5pm. Or by appointment on 0424 842 294. See