High satisfaction rating for Blue Mountains City Council

Council has hit record highs in the latest community satisfaction survey report.

Ninety-one per cent of people reported being satisfied, very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with council, the highest result in 20 years.

Council chambers: Record satisfaction rating.

Council chambers: Record satisfaction rating.

And the mean rating of 3.61 (out of five) was also the highest it has ever been.

The survey of 1,006 residents took place in late March. It was conducted by Micromex Research, an independent social research consultancy.

Compared to survey results for other councils across NSW, Micromex said that Blue Mountains residents had significantly higher levels of general satisfaction. It was the highest level of satisfaction Blue Mountains City Council has achieved in the 24 years the survey has been running.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Rosemary Dillon said: "It is so important that we hear community views on the performance of the council in delivering services. Council staff work hard to provide the best quality service possible to our residents.

"These results reflect that hard work, and I'm extremely proud and excited to see that work and dedication is making a difference and being recognised by our community.

"While council is excited about these results, we know that there is always room for improvement."

The issues of greatest concern to people in their local area were road maintenance, footpaths and weeds, trees and bushcare.

Looking at the entire Mountains area, residents selected bushfire/natural disaster protection as number one issue, followed by maintaining the natural environment and managing development.

Other issues raised included more frequent public transport, more affordable aged care, upgraded health care facilities and more local employment opportunities.

Residents were most satisfied with libraries, the visitors centres at Glenbrook and Echo Point, community centres and halls, and pools and leisure centres.

Asked to rate various services/issues, respondents said a clean, safe and healthy living environment was the most important, followed by the garbage and recycling collection, clean creeks/waterways and consultation with the community.

Of least importance were the caravan parks at Blackheath and Katoomba, cycleways, cemeteries, bus shelters and cultural and arts facilities.

A very high proportion (93%) reported being satisfied with council's leadership in natural disasters and 88 per cent were satisfied with council staff, the same percentage who were satisfied with their local councillors.