Back to school after COVID-19 hibernation

Eighty one per cent of students at Katoomba High School managed to return to in school studies on Monday May 25 after two months of COVID-19 shutdown.

Katoomba High School greeted the students with Darug man Chris Tobin holding a healing smoking ceremony to mark the occasion.

Since Monday March 23, Katoomba High has been open for families that work in essential services with all classes and school work moving to an online delivery program.

Principal Jenny Boyall said it had been "a challenging time for our school community and we have been able to get through it with the wonderful support from parents and carers".

"It is important to remember at this time that while we are all in the same storm each of us is in a very different boat and all our families have had very different experiences through this time".

Ms Boyall said student well being is a primary concern for Katoomba High School "and we will work hard to help our young people reintegrate back into school five days a week".

Some 738 students returned on Monday - 81 per cent of their total number.