New offer for Mayfield Gardens

Mayfield Garden is celebrating the easing of travel restrictions by offering access to its full private estate for the price of a standard garden ticket.

Visitors to Mayfield between June 6 and 14 - which includes the Queen's Birthday weekend - will have access to the full 65-hectare property, which includes both the Water Garden and the Hawkins Family Private Estate.

Standard admission prices will apply, which are: Adult $20, children $10 and family $55.

Note. No concessions or local discounts will apply during this period

Mayfield will also be serving food, coffee and refreshments all day from its café, which will be observing the usual safety guidelines.

Mayfield chief executive officer Frank Crews said he and his team were looking forward to welcoming visitors back to Mayfield.

"The special offer is a small reward for those members of the community who have had a pretty tough time of late with bushfires, drought and the COVID-19 lockdown," he said.

"We are at the tail end of the Autumn colours so the garden is still offering plenty of reasons to visit, but a key reason for opening up both the Water Garden and the full Family Estate is to give visitors an opportunity to stretch their legs and get back to nature and fresh air.

Mayfield Garden: Whole of area will be open for the standard ticket price.

Mayfield Garden: Whole of area will be open for the standard ticket price.

"The Queen's Birthday weekend also provides Sydneysiders with an opportunity to travel to the region to support not only Mayfield but also other local businesses which have been doing it tough over the last six or so months.

"Safety and comfort of our visitors is a priority, so seating restrictions in the café and other social distancing requirements remain in place," Mr Crews said. "For safety reasons, we have also decided not to offer our regular bus service inside the garden.

"Importantly, I think the extra 50-hectares of space provided by opening up the Family Estate will also give visitors an extra layer of comfort."

Mayfield also highly recommends that you buy your tickets in advance so that you can get into the garden as quickly as possible on arrival.

To book your tickets online visit