Voice of Real Australia: Pubs, clubs and now gyms can celebrate

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FIRST POUR: Wests Group bartender Praew Gatt on Monday. Picture: Simone De Peak

FIRST POUR: Wests Group bartender Praew Gatt on Monday. Picture: Simone De Peak

Just as thousands of hospitality workers are rejoicing in being able to return to work this week, gyms junkies and trainers will be celebrating today's news that gyms will reopen in NSW soon.

From June 13, up to 10 people will be allowed to take part in dance, yoga or Pilates classes, while up to 100 people will be permitted inside gyms.

From yesterday, NSW hospitality businesses were allowed to open their doors for up to 50 patrons, up from the 10-patron dining-only limit they have had to adhere to in recent weeks.

In the NSW Hunter Valley, Belmont 16s CEO Scott Williams was ecstatic to open, given early in the lockdown clubs were told they might not reopen until September.

He said Belmont 16s was blessed to have large premises with multiple dining areas that meant it could house more than 400 patrons.

"It's staff back to work," he said. "It's us buying in supplies [and] stock and that's the baker or butcher up the street. Whoever it might be, we're spending with them again and it's the multiplier effect and how that grows through the local economy."

And NSW isn't the only state opening up, Victorian restaurants, cafes and pubs can serve 20 patrons, with an increase of up to 50 people coming on June 22. It will also allow gyms to open on that date with strict restrictions.

Tasmania is relaxing coronavirus restrictions ahead of schedule, meaning intrastate travel is on the cards this weekend.

Here's what they're up to restriction-wise in South Australia, Western Australia, and Queensland.

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