Push for change at Black Lives Matter gathering in Katoomba

A peaceful gathering of about 200 people in Katoomba on Saturday, heard about the need for fundamental change and the injustice that exists in Australia for people of colour.

Darug man Uncle Chris Tobin said the lawmakers were keeping inequality going, and things had to change.

Earlier, he told the Gazette, "We're calling out for love and respect.

"This is an opportunity for people to consider what it's like to walk in another person's shoes."

He talked of walking into a shop with a black brother or sister and being closely watched because the shop attendant expected they would steal something. And going out with a darker skinned Aboriginal woman in the past, some people would love her and others would spit on her.

"She spent life on a hair trigger, not sure what reaction she would get from strangers," he said.

Aunty Jacinta Tobin spoke of moving forward with love and bringing in positive change.

"We can all live together as one ... send out the love," she said.

Another Indigenous speaker urged people to lobby lawmakers, encourage good cops to speak out against racism and work with Aboriginal communities.

A Smoking Ceremony was held to mark a new beginning.

The Black Lives Matter gathering was a show of support for the US protests over the death of George Floyd, and an act of solidarity against the number of Indigenous deaths in custody.