'Fess up' on flight paths, urges Macquarie MP Susan Templeman

Federal Member for Macquarie Susan Templeman has called on the Morrison Government to "'fess up" and release details of flightpaths for the 24/7 Western Sydney Airport.

In a speech to Parliament on June 15, Ms Templeman said the plans were long overdue for release.

Federal Member for Macquarie Susan Templeman outside Federal Parliament.

Federal Member for Macquarie Susan Templeman outside Federal Parliament.

But when contacted by the Gazette, the government would only commit to releasing the flight paths "well before" the airport's completion in 2026 - a response Ms Templeman labelled an "absolute disgrace".

Ms Templeman told Parliament that for residents of the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury, "it's long overdue to find out where the flights will go".

"Perhaps the government's reluctance is that when they did release a sneak peek in 2015, all hell broke loose in the Blue Mountains as people realised the impact," she said.

"Let's be clear; these will not be planes that stop flying when we try to sleep. These are 24/7 - all day, all night.

"We've seen the announcements about the terminal and rail line. We've seen politicians with hard hats and high-vis, bulldozers at the ready. We get it. We get that you're building an airport in our part of the world, on the edge of World Heritage wilderness," she said.

"Whether we love it or hate it - and I'm in the latter category - it's time to 'fess up and tell us where these flightpaths will go. We're the ones who have to live underneath them, and we deserve to know."

An Australian government spokesperson issued a single sentence statement in response to Ms Templeman's comments: "The airport is scheduled for completion in 2026 and flight paths will be developed for community consultation well before then."

But the Labor MP was scathing about the vagueness of this response.

"Being told by the Morrison government that we will get flight path designs sometime within the next six years when the airport is due to open is an absolute disgrace," she said.

"We are talking about flights that will operate 24/7 here."

Ms Templeman's comments came as Engage Airservices called for public comment on its newly-released Flight Path Design Principles, which it will implement for new flight path and airspace changes from July of this year.

While the principles do not specifically relate to Western Sydney Airport, they were put together following a national consultation that took place between January and March of this year.

The public comment period is open until July 8. Comments can be submitted through Engage Airservices online at https://engage.airservicesaustralia.com/flight-path-design-principles