Victory in the Pacific: Private commemorations 75 years on

August 15 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two.

Some 40,000 Australians did not return home from this war, and more than 17,000 died while fighting against Japanese forces.

Before coronavirus: The 2019 Victory in the Pacific service in Springwood.

Before coronavirus: The 2019 Victory in the Pacific service in Springwood.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic there will be no service in Springwood this year, but Jim McKinnon, the president of Springwood RSL Sub Branch, hopes people will commemorate privately.

"All RSL members and their families will pause at some stage through the day to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. It would be good if you could do that same, in your own way," he said.

"As always we also thank the current Australian Defence Force personnel for their ongoing work and support."

He could see parallels between the coronavirus pandemic and the Second World War.

"The current situation in Australia can be compared to WWII in a few ways, without the mass casualties, thank goodness," Mr McKinnon said.

"The commitment of the majority of Australians to the cause of securing a victory saw the country through dire times. It will take a whole community approach to deal with the current situation."

St Columba's College year 11 student Oliver Spolc would have provided the address at this year's service in Springwood.

"The horrors of war touched so many people all over the world, and the freedoms that we have now should never be taken for granted," Oliver said.

"I ask you to take a moment to reflect on the people who fought for you, and that you may truly rejoice in being Australian, young, and free. Lest we forget."