Winmalee Public School celebrates Education Week with fence displays

Celebrating Education Week during a pandemic was a challenge for primary schools this year, but Winmalee Public School came up with a novel way to share their work with the school community.

They created a wall installation on the fence of the school. The bright display allowed parents to have a small insight into what has been happening at school while also providing a rainbow of colour for residents visiting the streets near the school.

Mrs Preeamvada Dookhun provided this lovely appreciation message to the school: "The open exhibition is a fantastic way to showcase our kids' chef d'oeuvre, expanding it not only to parents and families but the Winmalee community as a whole! Congratulations to the students, the teachers and the school team for creating such an artistic space."

Families could be spotted wandering and admiring the work late into the afternoon. The work included an installation of wind chimes made out of recycled materials.