East Blaxland Country Style Bakery owner calls it a day

The East Blaxland community farewelled one of its much-loved identities on Saturday, September 19.

Im Soth has run the East Blaxland Country Style Bakery for almost 20 years, becoming a local institution for residents of East Blaxland and Mount Riverview. She is known for her intense warmth and generosity of spirit by all who enter the business.

Blaxland resident Steve Callaghan organised the weekend farewell for the business owner, saying Im has "delighted the East Blaxland/Mt Riverview community for almost 20 years".

"Her caring disposition has been exhibited many times over as she has taken a genuine interest in people and their children.

"Her generosity is legendary. Often at day's end she will give away free pastries and bread," he said.

"She leaves the bakery to spend more time with her husband and also to spend time with her grandchildren (another one on the way).

"The overwhelming public interest in our community is a testament to Im's love and commitment as she has served her customers."

The bakery owner was presented with five large farewell cards by a small delegation which included Blue Mountains mayor Mark Greenhill.

"Sometimes in life you come across a person who goes out of their way to make people's day brighter and better through their own simple kindness," said the mayor.

"Im has run a wonderful local bakery but she also did much more then that. She consciously took a deep interest in the lives of her customers. She not only became part of our community, she became a deeply loved part of it.

"When I presented her with a framed letter of thanks from me as mayor on behalf of our community she was incredibly touched and said she would never forget it.

"Frankly, it is we who will never forget her and we thank her from the bottom of our hearts for making our community a better place for her kindness and beautiful warmth."