Lapstone garden draws admirers for owner Russell Sheppeard

Lapstone resident Russell Sheppeard credits his mother with instilling a love of gardening in him.

But whoever deserves the credit, it is the 79-year-old's neighbours who are reaping the benefits. The Lewis Street garden looks so stunning this spring, Lower Blue Mountains Rotary Club members recently enjoyed a COVID-safe excursion to admire it.

The garden features more than 30 plant varieties from African daisies to daffodils, jonquils, marigolds, camellias and Iceland poppies.

Mr Sheppeard's personal favourites at the moment are the blooms of nemesias.

He admits to "getting a bit sore in the knees now" when he spends time on his gardening passion.

"I don't know how long I can keep it up," he said.