Trainee Springwood paramedic delivers baby at home

Six minutes after trainee paramedic Georgia Davis arrived at the Valley Heights home of Chrissy Levingston and her husband Andy she was delivering their baby.

It was 1am on Saturday October 3 when Chrissy woke up with heavy pain that continued to steadily get worse.

The trainee paramedic was working alongside experienced Springwood paramedic John Hando and they were luckily just nearby when the emergency call came in

Proving every birth is different - two-and-a-half years ago the couple's son Sam was born posterior after a 16-hour labour, gas, a vacuum extraction, an epidural and almost a caesarean. No surprises then that, despite her baby girl being past the due date, the couple did not expect a 28 minute labour.

Mrs Levingston said her husband "kept thinking they would be driving to the hospital to give birth", even when the ambulance arrived. But she said she felt "so at ease with both of them [John and Georgia], so appreciative of their help, I wouldn't even have known Georgia had never delivered a baby".

Ms Davis, 21, a former Winmalee High School student, said the support of her experienced mentor John Hando had made all the difference. He happily supervised while she took the lead on the birth, reminding her "to be ready to catch [the baby]". (He has "caught"13 babies in 19 years.)

"Some ambos wait 10 years to experience that [a birth]. I felt so privileged," Ms Davis said.

She said it was "a surreal experience" and different to the text-book "mannequin" experience at university. But she said her training kicked in immediately, giving her the chance to ask multiple questions quickly, while always thinking a few steps ahead and constantly reassuring the mother.

Both mother and baby were transported to Nepean Hospital, after Mrs Levingston was able to shower at home and had been given medication to birth the placenta.