It's World Kindness Day, Kath Koschel wants you to contribute

It's World Kindness Day, Kath Koschel wants you to contribute

Kath Koschel was an elite cricketer.

She scored 50 on her debut for the NSW Breakers and had the cricketing world at her feet.

Then life hit.

In the space of five years she was left paralysed and was told she would never walk again, not once but twice, (she walks today, albeit with a limp); has battled mental ill health and lost the love of her life, her beloved partner Jim.

After fighting back, Ms Koschel focused her energy on one thing, kindness. She wanted to spread kindness as far and wide as she could.

One Aussie's mission to spread kindness

She set up the Kindness Factory, a not-for-profit organisation aimed at inspiring people to be kind, to reach out for help, to stay connected with others, exercise resilience and treat the planet with dignity and respect.

Today, November 13 is World Kindness Day.

And the competitor in Ms Koschel wants Australians to help her set a new world record for the highest number of kind acts logged on a single day.


"On World Kindness Day, we want Aussies to spread a new kind of virus, kindness. Join me to set a new world record of 20,000 kind acts logged in one single day.

"Kindness doesn't need to be a grand gesture; the smallest act can have the greatest impact on someone's life. It's been a privilege to celebrate these acts of kindness through Kindness Factory.

"We've seen countless examples including people buying stranger's coffee, mowing a neighbour's lawn through to someone giving away a car... Humans have a huge capacity to be kind - this year has shown that we need to shine a light on kindness now more than ever," Ms Koschel said.

For more details, check out or follow Kindness Factory on Facebook