Young author Oliver Smuhar releases sequel to fantasy novel

University student Oliver Smuhar has just released The Gifts of Happiness, the sequel to his contemporary fantasy novel, The Gifts of Life.

Released on November 20, the book is the second in The Colours of Humanity series planned by the former St Columba's High School student.

The first book, The Gifts of Life, was re-released this June, becoming a number one best-selling book for Contemporary Fantasies on Amazon.

Now a student at Sydney's University of Technology, Smuhar published The Gifts of Life while still a high school student

"The first book was a really good learning experience and I'm glad I decided to re-release it [earlier this year]," he said.

He hopes the trilogy will be provide a "growing experience" for readers.

"Not only will the characters in the book grow in the story, they will also grow with the person who is reading the book. And as we grow together, I'll explore more adult situations, and hopefully these situations will help my audience with their own stories," he said.


The younger writer has ambitions beyond writing fantasy books.

"I have some massive plans for 2021. The pandemic kind of slowed things down for everyone, however, I managed to push through it... I will also be releasing two brand new books in 2021," he said.

These young adults novels have been inspired by Smuhar's Blue Mountains home.

"My next two books are more ambitious than The Colours of Humanity. The adventure book in particular is something I'm very passionate about. If all goes well, I really do think I've made something that can help a lot of people," he said.

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